Dissertation Transcription Services

Dissertation transcription services for graduate students

Are you ready to face your last academic hurdle?

Congratulations, you have nearly made it! The past few years are about to pay off in the form of a college qualification. Your graduation day is getting closer, but before you can accept your hard earned scroll, you will need to submit the sum of your studies: your dissertation.

We know such a large word count can seem daunting to many students. That's where our dissertation transcription services come in.

Dissertation transcription services offer:

✡ Specialist terminology suited to your academic field

✡ Translation services ‐ dictate in your native tongue!

✡ 98% accurate transcription from a good quality audio

✡ Super‐fast turnaround for tight deadlines

Dissertation interview transcription service is our speciality

Many dissertations are over 10,000, and all that laborious typing can take valuable time away from your books. Need some help? Our dissertation interview transcription service is specially designed to give you an extra boost in the last leg of your academic race.

Dissertation interview transcription service is also perfect for:

  • Research groups
  • Academic interviews and feedback sessions
  • Dictating your essay
  • All other academic audio files

Sick of spending your time using spell check? Look no further than our dissertation transcription services.

We'll help you to get back to your books!

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