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French Transcription Rates

French transcription rates are competitively priced in order to cater to our wider clientele circle. French transcription services provided by TranscribeInterview.com is affordable for business owners who operate internationally.

French transcription rates are very nominal for the students and research scholars. Most of our French transcription clients are students and research scholars who conduct research interviews in French.

Enjoy our stress free and accurate services at affordable French transcription rates.

French Transcription Rates

French Transcription$2.50 per recorded minute
French to English Transcription$4.50 per recorded minute
English to French Transcription$4.50 per recorded minute
Verbatim Transcription+$0.25 per recorded minute
Time stamping / Time coding+$0.25 per recorded minute
Minimum Order Cost$60

Turnaround Time

up to 1 hour of audio/video3 Business Days
up to 2 hours of audio/video5 Business Days
up to 5 hours of audio/video7 Business Days
Business DaysMonday to Friday (Excluding Holidays)


➢ Transaction fee 6% - applicable for all the orders

➢ The Rate also varies based on the number of speakers and difficulty of audio or video.

➢ The Turnaround time is calculated from the time payment is made, not from the receipt of the audio file.

French Transcription Includes:

✔ French audio transcription

✔ French video transcription

✔ French voice transcription

✔ French interview transcription

✔ French research transcription

✔ French television transcription

✔ French lecture transcription

✔ French webinar transcription

✔ French academic transcription

✔ French transcription and translation