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Lecture Transcription

Lecture Transcription

Are you a student looking to keep a permanent reminder of the lectures that you attend, for further study and revision when it comes to exam time? Then look no further than our lecture transcription services – an effective way to record a written version of what you are taught in the lecture hall.

The benefits of lecture transcription does not stop there. Ever vaguely recalled being told something by your professor, but not been able to find it in your notes? Now you can read back through what was said word for word! How about referencing and notes towards an essay? A transcription of your lectures is the perfect foundation for future learning.

Seminar Transcription

Seminar Transcription

Do you feel like your employees need a catch up course on your business? Perhaps you have a new idea to present to peers within your field? A seminar can present a great opportunity to get your point across to a large or select group of people. And with our seminar transcription services on side, you can forever record the ideas flying around the room.

Seminar transcription presents multiple opportunities, not least of all the ability to share what was said at the event with others. Holding a written transcript of a seminar also means you can revisit what was said in the future, providing a valuable reference point when ideas and suggestions need to be revisited.

Thesis Transcription Services

Thesis Transcription Services

Congratulations, you have nearly made it! The past few years are about to pay off in the form of a college qualification. Your graduation day is getting closer, but before you can accept your hard earned scroll, you will need to submit the sum of your studies: your thesis. We know such a large word count can seem daunting to many students. That’s where our thesis transcription services come in.

Many essays are over 10,000 words and all that laborious typing can take valuable time away from your books. Need some help? Thesis transcription can give you an extra boost in the last leg of your academic race.


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