German Transcription Service

German Transcription Service

German Transcription Service for students, universities, companies, corporations and entertainment firms.

German transcription service is offered for all your interviews, focus groups, research, and a wide range of specified topics. We are capable of providing accurate German to German transcription and German to English transcription.

Germany is the biggest economy within the European Union. It is home to numerous international corporations and on the front line of new technologies. Our team is well equipped with subject knowledge to offer high quality German transcription service.

German, French and English are the three official working languages of the European Union. German is the second most-spoken language on the continent of Europe. However, when it comes to native speakers, German is number one. And we cater German transcription service to your business meetings, webinars, product manuals and documentary series.

German Interview Transcription Services

German interview transcription services are offered for students, professors and Universities.

German transcription services are offered by native speaking graduates. Germany's universities have an excellent international reputation. The country is the fourth most popular destination for students from abroad. The students and professors are conducting research as part of their graduation. The research involves one to one interviews and focus group discussions. We play a vital role in transcribing the interviews.

We are a dedicated and professional academic transcription company that takes pride in delivering precise copy at affordable rates. We recognize that your satisfaction is integral to our success, and we will pull out all of the stops to ensure you are delighted with our German interview transcription services.

German Transcription Service Process:

  • Upload your audio file
  • Receive quote
  • Make payment
  • Have it transcribed by a member of our team
  • Receive transcript to your email
  • Confirm the deal

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German Transcription Service Rates

German transcription service rates are competitively priced in order to cater to our wider clientele circle. German transcription service provided by is affordable for business owners who operate internationally.

German transcription service rates are very nominal for the students and research scholars. Most of our German transcription clients are students and research scholars who conduct research interviews in German.

German Transcription$3.25 per recorded minute
German to English Transcription$5.50 per recorded minute
English to German Transcription$5.50 per recorded minute
Minimum Order Cost$40
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