Spanish Transcription Services

Spanish Transcription Services

Spanish transcription services are a combination of audio or video transcription services and document translation services.

Spanish transcription services are time-intensive process that can only be done by our the expert team who are capable of handling different subjects. If you have any type of audio or video that you need transcribed in Spanish or Spanish to English, you will benefit from our Spanish transcription services.

Spanish transcription services are needed for internal as well as external communication in a business. Corporate business conducts lot of webinars or seminars, conferences and meetings and the same to be converted to a written document. Our transcriptionists are proficient at converting an audio file into a written document. We are experts in Spanish transcription services.

Hire us for:

✔ Spanish Transcription

✔ Spanish to English Transcription

✔ English to Spanish Transcription

✔ Spanish to English Document Translation

Benefits of Spanish Transcription Services

  • Spanish transcription services help international organizations expand their office operations extensively.

  • Spanish transcription services provide endless opportunities for working professionals, corporate companies, professional service companies, and online businesses across different countries.

  • Corporations, research firms and service professionals use the Spanish transcription for product promotions, indexing, and client or share holder interaction productively.

  • We offer accurate copy to convert the audience to potential followers or subscribers.

  • Spanish transcription services also Reduce overhead on manpower, technology and office resources.

  • Connect with us for professional and timely Spanish transcription services.

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Spanish Transcription Services Rates

Spanish Transcription$3 per recorded minute
Spanish to English Transcription$4.80 per recorded minute
English to Spanish Transcription$4.80 per recorded minute
Verbatim+$0.25 per recorded minute
Time-stamp+$0.25 per recorded minute
More than 2 speakers+$0.25 per recorded minute
Minimum Order Cost$40


➢ Transaction fee 6% - applicable for all the orders

➢ The Rate also varies based on the number of speakers and difficulty of audio or video.

➢ The Turnaround time is calculated from the time payment is made, not from the receipt of the audio file.

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