University Research Interview Transcription Services

University Research Interview Transcription Services

You might have known that a few decades back companies used to recruit secretaries specifically to write down the interviews or points of the meetings as they heard using short hand notation. They were later elaborated to make sense for the other stake holders. Transcription service is a technological leap that replaces the classical work carried out by those secretaries. Transcription services have become inevitable to all fields of life with needs to information storage and retrieval. In recent years it has evolved into a distinguished field that helps to build knowledge base. You might be a student or a research scholar, if you are not informed about interview transcription services then here is all that you need to know about it.

Research Interview Transcription Service

What is Research Interview Transcription Service?

Research interview transcription is a word to word reflection of a recorded or live interview in textual format. It is done by professionals trained to carry out the transcription to suit your level of verbatim needs with utmost accuracy and confidentiality.

What Role does it play in the Academic Stream?

People involved in the research and in academic stream have needs to manage large volumes of recorded data; students use it to transcribe their lectures and the Professors and researchers prefer transcription to chronologically sort proceedings in conferences or their research work and to make them available for other's usage.

Interview Transcription Service in Research

What is the Need for an Interview Transcription Service in Research?

When you indulge in research, data collection through interviews will be a part of your daily work. When you are required to arrive at a conclusion based on your research findings, do you think that it would be easy to wade through the volumes of recorded data that you have accumulated over time?

According to statistics an average person speaks about 160 words per minute, so if you are interviewing 3 persons for an hour then it would result in 30,000 words to transcribe. Do you think that it is manageable? Or is it right on your part to abandon the most important works of your research just to transcribe your own data? Think rationally and get the help of professional transcribers.

Hire an Interview Transcription Service

Why should you hire an Interview Transcription Service when there are Other Ways that work?

There are different options available for transcribing. You can either choose to go automated or get your graduate students to do the job. When you confine to a software for your transcription needs, you will have to stick to a particular format to give the input file, further most software are optimized to work only for diction formats rather than the interviews.

If you are a professor you might have a number of undergraduate students at your disposal to do your transcription, but what degree of reliability will you associate with the resultant. Do you think that it will be wise on your part to pledge your meticulous work to be misinterpreted by their inefficiency in their understanding the response tokens and non verbal communications? If all things go well then you will have to spare time to organize and restructure the data that you divided between your students.

You might save money but you will have to deal with the issues of accuracy. When you confine the job to a professional transcriber, your only job will be to provide the audio file; you will be provided the transcripts with 98-100% accuracy and quality on time without bothering you.

What do you Gain out of Hiring a Research Interview Transcription Service?

Of all the other factors, you get relieved out of the pressure to make notes of all that happens during your research interviews. You will have all the time to concentrate on the details of the research rather than making a note of the verbal conversation. It will further increase your involvement in the research and make you more productive and working towards your goal.

Once your field work is complete, you will be required to arrive at results based on your research interviews, at that juncture you will not find it happy to search through your recordings to make an inference. Alternatively the transcripts in your hands will give you a clear picture of all the interviews and the keywords to refine your search. You will be able to index and make references to your research interviews more instantly and to perform analysis to arrive at a conclusion easily.

The transcripts give you the opportunity to reflect upon the exact sets of questions that you exercised and how it helped to extract the required answers. You can judge your approach and conclude the one that works better for you or make changes to the existing plan of action to work towards your intended goal.

When you complete your research the transcripts will serve as guidelines for the other research pursuers in your field of study. After all the long hours of work that you put in should be not be left to rust. The information that is contained in the interviews are true data that is hard to find, if you are keen in passing the data to the needy, then it is best to get them transcribed. Above all you have will have an aesthetic value associated with transcribing your research interviews, it will serve to help people with special needs for hearing and speech.

What is the Cost Involved?

The professional Online Transcription Services providers charge based on the job type, the turnaround time and the complexity of the job, however the cost would vary according to the discretion of the service providers. We provide affordable university research interview transcription for academic needs. A tip to keep your cost low would be to provide them with high quality audio files devoid of noise; it will help them to work efficiently to match your requirements and budget constraints. You can expect high quality transcription for all your university needs like lectures, presentations, interviews, group discussions and dissertations.

Now you know what a professional university research interview transcription services can do for you, then what are you waiting for?

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